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Independent Recycling Services, Inc. (IRS) is one of the largest privately owned waste and recycling companies in the Chicago area. Independent Recycling provides customized disposal solutions to commercial properties, offices, small businesses, contractors, industrial facilities, and residential properties.

With a large fleet operating 24/7 and a variety of container options, IRS can accommodate any waste volume and facility access limitations. With a strong work ethic and commitment to protecting the environment, IRS has grown to become Chicago’s premier garbage disposal service. In the 1970’s, Frank Ward Sr. founded the first C&D processing facility in Chicago to sort and separate recyclable material from the waste stream. For nearly 40 years, IRS has provided a competitive edge against large, corporate companies by providing customized waste management programs, cost-effective pricing, and in-demand services for waste hauling and recycling.

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Operations: 24/7
Office: Mon – Fri 8AM – 5PM